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IDC spoke with organizations that had on average 8,000 employees and are using Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) solutions as a primary and/or secondary storage solution supported by Veeam software. IDC’s analysis shows that study participants will realize strong value with HPE and Veeam supporting their data protection and recovery operations and will achieve benefits worth an average of $1.39 million per organization ($25,550 per 100 users) per year, which would result in a five-year ROI of 262%.


For study participants, like all organizations, data protection and availability are absolute necessities. Yet few organizations attempt to derive a comparative market advantage through their data protection and availability scheme. Instead, most focus on cost minimization with a vague goal of reducing downtime. IDC research for this white paper has found that a well crafted data protection infrastructure can indeed benefit the organization with results that provide a competitive edge in their industry. This includes better data availability, streamlined IT operations, reduced risk of data loss, and significant financial and competitive benefits.


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