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Most businesses today are adopting a cloud-first strategy, compelled by analyst advice and research, digital transformation, the need for adaptability and predictable cost models, as well as the push from IT vendors.

This can manifest in many ways. It can be as “simple” as moving to office 365 to as complex as moving your whole data centre into a dedicated private hosted cloud.

Inevitably, public cloud has a big part to play in any cloud-first strategy, with almost every company including an element of public cloud in their transformation. In some cases, the move to public cloud is “both feet in” with companies looking to move all applications and IT into a public cloud.

With public cloud adoption question and considerations around availability to not evaporate, people have a false sense of security that their cloud provider has availability covered. However, that may not be the case.

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DSA Briefing Note on Public Cloud Availability.pdf