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GCF International Christian School (GCF-ICS) is a traditional school which was established in 1995 as an extension of the ministry of Greenhills Christian Fellowship. The new school was spearheaded by Ms. Tetes Morales. It had an initial population of 10 pre-schoolers, which steadily grew every year. It graduated its first batch of Fourth Year students on March 2007. Now, the school has over 50 employees and serves over 400 students.

The school administrator, Lilian M. Rebong, is a long-time servant of the GCF International Christian School. 2017 marks her 20th year in the school and she recalled how, as the school grew and took on more students, there was a need to streamline and digitise operations. “It was easy at the start because that time, we were a start-up school. The school had just been in operation for a few years, so it was easy to just do things manually, with regards to recordkeeping and also when it came to student enrolment and registration.”
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IBM Success Story with GCF International Christian School.pdf