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Druva Phoenix enables data protection and governance for enterprise infrastructure with a unique cloud-first approach — combining high performance, scalable backup, disaster recovery (DR), archival, and analytics to simplify data protection, improve visibility, and dramatically reduce the risk, cost, and effort of managing today’s complex information environment.

Why Druva Phoenix?

1) Unified Backup, Archival, and DR in the Cloud

By leveraging the elasticity and scale-out capabilities provided by the cloud, Phoenix enables organizations to centralize the data protection and management for enterprise workloads including physical file servers and/or NAS and databases, virtual (Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, and Nutanix AHV) and hybrid (VMware Cloud on AWS - VMC) environments. From a single control plane, IT can easily recover server data down to the file level, failover virtual machines (VMs) for DR with a RTO of minutes, easily archive and manage data in the cloud for compliance, and replicate, and spin up instances crossregion for test and dev (workload mobility) purposes.
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