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Any organization with sensitive data can be attacked, regardless of size or industry sector. And as the threat landscape evolves and adversaries deploy tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), including destructive malware, ransomware and targeted
phishing, security professionals and stakeholders must also adapt their security plans.

Depending on the situation, a targeted attack may involve the theft of source code, valuable intellectual property, negotiation data or general business disruption. Companies need to be prepared to identify, respond to and mitigate a targeted attack
with the same amount of effort that goes into implementing a disaster recovery plan.

This document summarizes recommendations for responding to a breach and the expertise required to do so quickly and effectively. These recommendations were derived from decades of collective experience from the cybersecurity consultants at
CrowdStrike®, who work on the front lines fighting threat actors every day.
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You've Been Breached - Now What? How To Respond To A Worst - Case Cyber Scenario.pdf