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At the time of writing, we are barely a month away from the GDPR “going live” in the EU. Despite being a European initiative, the General Data Protection Regulation has been getting a lot of press coverage all over the world and for good reason. It is generally regarded that the regulation will be the new “gold standard” for data governance and protection. More interestingly, it is also accepted that the reach and impact of the GDPR will extend globally – affecting companies and organisations well outside the
boundaries of the EU.

AOPG Insights was commissioned by NetApp to see just how ready Malaysian companies are for the GDPR. Our interest was not just whether Malaysian companies know about GDPR but also whether some of their standard data governance practices and safeguards already in place today would mean they are able to meet some of the demands of the GDPR.

Perhaps the single most important issue we wanted to check, was whether Malaysian companies realise or accept that the GDPR legislation can and will affect them. When it comes to regulations on data, ignorance is not bliss, so understanding why and how you can be impacted is going to be very important for Malaysian businesses.
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