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August 2021 Special Focus: Security Process Automation.pdf
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The pandemic has left many job positions empty, whether because of restrictions or limited budgets within organisations. The cybersecurity industry is not exempted, with cybersecurity experts becoming scarcer for many companies today.

Cyberattacks are now occurring every few minutes, if not seconds, and organisations frequently receive thousands, if not millions, of alerts each month. Security personnel are now responsible for monitoring a much larger attack surface than in previous years, which includes mobile devices, cloud infrastructure, and IoT devices. In short, alerts are literally pouring in from all directions.

Thus, automation is becoming increasingly important in cybersecurity; however, complete control over how automation operates is critical. With the increasing number of alerts and threats that cybersecurity organisations face on a daily basis, it becomes difficult for SecOps teams and analysts to deal with them all.

And because there are too many false positives (mislabeled alerts), that time is wasted. However, with security automation, those repetitive processes no longer require human intervention, allowing them to devote more time to dealing with other, more unpredictable cyber threats. As a result, automation is critical in modern cybersecurity.

Download this special focus, as we talk about how security process automation can change the overall landscape of security and how it performs compared to actual experts.