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Complexity In Cybersecurity Report 2019

A rapidly changing threat landscape has made organizational security more crucial and challenging than ever. Organizations have responded by investing in an enormous number of disconnected point solutions. However, a combination of disjointed products that all operate independently and generate a large amount of data has culminated in a crisis of complexity. As a result, security teams are unable to get the most out of their investments and must spend even more to properly secure their environments. The need to reduce complexity has never been clearer.

IBM commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the state of security complexity and the effect it is having on security efficiency and effectiveness. To explore this topic, Forrester conducted a survey with 200 global security professionals with responsibility for security strategy and/or security technology purchases. We found that nearly all respondents report concerns over complexity. However, organizations that have taken steps to simplify their security ecosystems, including consolidating solutions onto a single management platform, have seen meaningful benefits.

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