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FlashSystem 9200 Data Sheet v2.pdf
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Modern IT environments demand the need for faster and more efficient use of resources. Greater efficiency breeds better performance and competitiveness.

Unfortunately, the performance requirements of the latest technologies, from cloud to AI and advanced analytics, are pushing the limits of what hard disk drives (HDDs) are capable of.

Flash storage was designed with better speed and performance than HDDs, but not all flash arrays are created equal.

Today’s mission-critical systems require flash storage that provides the highest levels of performance, functionality, security, and availability.

IBM FlashSystem 9200 was designed to fulfil all those requirements. It combines the performance of flash and a Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe)-optimised architecture with the reliability and

innovation of IBM FlashCore technology and the rich feature set and high availability of IBM Spectrum Virtualize.

Learn how you can simplify and future-proof your storage for the hybrid multi-cloud era.

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