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Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Architecture Guide.pdf
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With the introduction of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform, Hitachi Data Systems is delivering the only 3D scaling storage platform designed for all data types. 3D scaling describes the fact that this storage platform can scale up to support increasing workloads, scale out to deliver the highest performance and capacity growth, and scale deep to extend the value of legacy and lower cost storage. With support for file, content and block storage, all data types can be integrated on a single platform. It is the only storage architecture that flexibly adapts data for performance and capacity and also extends to support storage from multiple vendors. With its 3D scaling, storage virtualization and high performance, Virtual Storage Platform, combined with the unique management capabilities of Hitachi Command Suite, transforms the data center.

Virtual Storage Platform is designed around a newly designed intelligent controller chassis with purpose built processors, global cache and a new, fifth-generation switch architecture. Together, these capabilities deliver the scalability, performance, high availability and advanced storage functionality to satisfy all data center file, object and block storage needs.