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 Is Your Data Safe in an IAAS Public Cloud?.pdf
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Can your business afford the revenue and productivity loss associated with technology outages? In a hypercompetitive market, few businesses can. Many IT professionals expect to address the problem of business downtime simply by moving workloads to the cloud; they assume their cloud provider replicates customer data within their cloud centers as a matter of course. But in truth, your cloud provider has limited ability to protect your data. Most cloud providers assume responsibility only for the underlying infrastructure. Such backup procedures aren’t designed as an adequate means to protect your data in the event of an outage or disaster. 

Instead, cloud service providers and IT professionals subscribe to the “shared responsibility” model for data protection. With shared responsibility, the cloud service provider is responsible for maintaining infrastructure, and the enterprise is responsible for protecting its cloud-based data from productivity-impacting challenges, including human error, retention policy misconfigurations, and cyber security threats.
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