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July 2023 Special Focus: The Brave New World of DeFi.pdf
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We are staring down the barrel of a financial revolution right in the middle of the digital era, where technology is constantly expanding the horizons of possibilities: Decentralised Finance, or DeFi. It's an exotic term that resonates with promises and enigmas, heralding a reimagining of the financial system as we know it.

The Genesis of a Financial Revolution

The seeds of DeFi were sown in the fertile soil of blockchain technology, germinating with the birth of Bitcoin in 2009. But DeFi's story truly began to unfold with the advent of Ethereum in 2015, a platform that extended the blockchain's capabilities beyond mere currency transactions. It allowed the creation of smart contracts and dApps, scribing the first lines of a new chapter in financial history.

As 2017 approached, the DeFi space began to blossom. The concept of decentralised exchanges emerged, challenging the traditional gatekeepers of financial transactions. No longer were users tethered to the whims of centralised institutions; a new era of financial autonomy had dawned.

The subsequent years saw the birth of various DeFi projects, each contributing a unique piece to the increasingly complex puzzle. From lending protocols to stablecoins, the DeFi landscape was transforming into an intricate web of innovation and opportunity.