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Humanity is living through the Data Age. There is more data being produced today than there has been in the previous 5000 years of human history — roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day. Every time someone emails your business, downloads an app, sends a text message, checks the weather, or does a thousand other quotidian things, data is created, and those thousands of interactions by millions of people create an explosion of information.

Most CEOs are concerned about data quality

The insights that a business can extract out of data are only so good as the data itself. Poor data can lead to difficulties in extracting insights and ultimately poor decision-making. This is something that many executives are worried about. According to the Forbes Insights and KPMG “2016 Global CEO Outlook”, data and analytics capability ranks the highest of the top five investment priorities, but despite this, CEOs do not have much faith in the data they rely on. 84% are concerned about the quality of the data they’re using for business intelligence.
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