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Where To Invest Next: Guidance For Maturing Cyber Defenses.pdf
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The fundamental building blocks of cybersecurity are relatively simple. The basics — things like asset identification, device and network hardening and response planning — are well documented and tend to be the same across organizations.Having mastered these, however, many organizations struggle to take the next step. Beyond the basics, there is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach; maturing requires an organization to understand its own risk profile and tailor an advanced security
strategy that is appropriate.

Organizations that go down this path typically come to the same decision points along the way. This white paper identifies those decisions — related to people, processes, and technologies — and provides guidance to help organizations at different levels of maturity face these challenges. Recognizing that each organization must chart its own course, the aim of this whitepaper is to help them navigate along the way.
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